Types of Kurti -3

In the last blog we had given the names of all types of Kurtis. In this we will let you know about the first five types of Kurtis:

Tail Cut Kurti:

Tail cut kurti with layered pattern is trending for party functions. This is one of the latest kurti styles that include a longer cut at one of the sides in the hemline of the kurti. The longer cut may be present at the front or one side as well, but in most of the cases the longer cut is present at the back. Tail cut kurtis can be straight fit, without frills or with lots of frills as well. They also vary in length. Starting from short length tail cut kurtis, you can find ankle length tail cut kurtis as well as the shorter forms.

A-Line Kurti:

The specialty of A-line kurtas is that they include frills right from the waist and there is no exact demarcation of the waist line, that’s why it is most popular among youngsters. These kurtis can be of short or knee length and they are available in a wide range of materials, starting from cotton and silk to chiffon and georgette. A-line kurtis can be paired with different types of lowers and they fit every body shape quite nicely.

Trail Cut Kurti:

Trail cut kurti is latest in trend now. It is quite different from c-cut kurti. It has C-cuts on both the sides. Note that texture of materials can change the overall look of kurti so prefer materials like georgette, chiffon, silk, crepe with border embroidery to enhance the look of designer cuts.

Anarkali Kurti:

Anarkali suits Anakali kurtis are also highly in trend now. The Anarkali kurtis essentially come in a length that covers till below the knees. Anarkali kurti is perfect for that grace & elegance of traditional look.

Angrakha Kurti:

The fresh version of the former times tunics worn by the royal court’s musicians. In this pattern two similar or dissimilar flaps of the kurti is placed at the top of the other and they are either tied with each other with a ribbon or are sewed together at the front. Angrakha kurtis come in different lengths; starting from the thigh and knee length.

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