Types Of Kurti – Last Five Flavors of Kurtis

We are adding the last five flavors of Kurti in your dictionary and looking forward that we will bring all the flavors to your wardrobe soon.

 C-Cut Kurti:

A very trendy kurti which is similar to high-low kurti, but its front hem has ‘C’ shape which makes it different from high low kurti. If you are tall women, C-cut kurti suits you well. It also makes you look slimmer and stylish.

Tulip Kurti:

Tulip shaped kurti is a flattering must-have style for any college going girl. The tulip cut kurtis come with asymmetrical hemline but the uniqueness in their hemline pattern lies in the fact that it looks perfectly like a tulip. Tulip cut kurtis are longer and while the longer section of the cut might be touching the floor, the shorter section ends below the knees. There is also a slit at the front. Tulip style Kurtis can be ideal for parties as well as for casual wear, depending on the amount of flare and the material.

Denim Kurti:

Denim has outgrown the jeans industry and found its base in shirts as well as the ethnic world of Kurtis. It’s time to get off the usual shirts and jackets and pick denim Kurti instead for a rugged sporty look for the day. Denim kurtis can be worn as shirt dresses or paired with statement bottoms.

Tiered Kurti:

Adding up quirky tiers of fabric into the usual kurti cult is all about creativity in the fashion industry. Tiered Kurtis add volume to the usual body frame and look extremely classy when worn with statement bottoms and accessories.

Cape Style Kurti:

Cape has always been a much-loved fashion trend. And now, the Indian Fashionistas have taken this trend into a whole new realm by using it in Kurtis. These ultra-chic indo western kurtis are a great pick to make heads turn wherever you go.

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