Be Fabulous And Look Fashionable In Indian Ethnic Wear During Navratri

Navratri is one of the most popular festivals in India. It is celebrated in almost all parts of the country, but the most colorful and profuse celebrations take place in Gujarat. It takes place multiple times in a year.

The festival celebrates the triumph of good over evil, with goddess Durga being the key deity at most celebrations. Navratri celebrations include night long dance festivals in which people gather to dance to traditional and modern music. Though this is used as an opportunity to celebrate and party by most young people, the traditional element is still strong.

Its all like a traditional party every evening and when it’s a party we need to be all ready and stylish. Fashion plays a major role in these 9 days and as navratri is just few days away. Navratri dresses are extremely colorful and traditional in their look. This is the time to dress up to the nines with no efforts spared. People spend months putting together the perfect ensemble for each day of this festival. We here tell you about fashion which is great and hassle free.

The most popular and commonly seen one is the Navratri chaniya choli, which is a regional version of the famous Lehenga Choli outfit worn all over India. It consists of a long skirt fastened around the waist with a drawstring, which is a fitted blouse called the choli.

For Garba and Dandiya more flares of your dress the better its to enjoy. So opt for heavily flared anarkali dress and enjoy the time dancing on beat.

  • Saree:

One of the most popular traditional Navratri outfits is the sari. Bandhini or Bandhej sarees from Gujarat and Rajasthan are the most commonly spotted ones at any Navratri celebration.

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