9 Colour Dress for 9 Navratri Nights

Navratri is one of the most important Hindu festivals. It is a tradition to wear dresses that represent the colors of Navratri on each of the 9 days. There are 9 different Navratri colors.

Navratri Colour of Day 1 – Yellow

Yellow is the 1st day’s color of Navratri. The colour yellow is believed to be a colour of the planet sun and is dedicated to Maa Shailputri. It also represents energy and happiness and is believed to be an appropriate shade to start the festival with. Opt for a beautiful bright yellow sari or lehenga or Kurti/Kurta.

 Navratri Colour of Day 2 – Green

The second day of Navratri will give a feeling of Eco-Friendliness with light and dark shades of Green color. Green in all its shades resembles soothing, harmony and fertility and so it is called the color of nature. Women have lots of choice wearing green color traditional dresses

 Navratri Colour of Day 3 – Grey

Grey is associated with a cool and balanced mind and hence Maa Chandraghanta is worshipped on this day. When wearing grey, combine it with other brighter colours.

 Navratri Colour of Day 4 – Orange

Orange color represents creativity and enthusiasm and is one best color for attraction in crowd. Orange goes great with black and a double color top with a denim will look awesome.

Navratri Colour of Day 5 – White

Signifies a color of perfection, purity and peace. Wearing a white color dress or saree on day 5 as on list of Navratri color will sure give a feel of peace and harmony with a joyful day seeing white outfit varieties all around in groups, be it inside local trains or office. Energy level on this day will be soothing and high all around.

 Navratri Colour of Day 6 – Red

Red signifies power and brightness. You can pick a red colour sari with golden embroidery on it or a bright red colour lehenga to worship Maa Katyayani.

 Navratri Colour of Day 7 – Royal Blue

Start your 7th day with blue outfits as this colour signifies power and superiority. Royal blue to sky blue, you can wear any shade.

Navratri Colour of Day 8 – Pink

Let this 8th day of Navratri be playful, sweet, and romantic and looking cute. Its a color signifying universal love. For all you mothers out there on 8th day with your cute and beautiful kids, Its a day to look the best with matching outfits with your babies.

 Navratri Colour of Day 9 – Purple

Let the last day of Navratri, i.e 9th day to play around in listed dress colors be the best as Purple symbolizes luxury and power. This color is associated with royalty too.

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